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According to a German newspaper, Barcelona could be excluded from the Champions League…

Dec 25, 2023
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The daily Welt am Sonntag, citing circles close to UEFA and Barça itself, claims that the Catalan club would pay for the violation of UEFA financial rules, which require clubs to compensate their expenses with revenue. Apparently, the financial control committee of the largest continental football body has found a violation of financial rules by the club and there is talk of a two or three year exclusion. The sanction would take effect from the 2024-2025 season and would not concern the current season, in which the Catalans will face Naples in the round of 16. Last September, Barcelona said it had made a net profit of 304 million euros after tax, which appeared to avoid the specter of a possible sanction.

However, the aforementioned Teutonic newspaper claims the club’s budgets are “a disaster”. “The greater the losses, the greater the sanction,” said the sources consulted by the German daily. This information comes a day after Barcelona and Real Madrid won their legal battle over the Superleague.

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